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Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen

Manual for Organising a Committee Session

Experiences, Practices and Recommendations from the 39th Session in 2015

The Manual shares the experiences and highlights lessons learned from the organisational process of the 39 COM. It provides recommendations that can be useful for the future organisation of Committee sessions. Thus, it is a contribution to establishing a knowledge transfer from one session to the next, between one organiser and the next one in order to provide – in the longer term – best possible working conditions for the Committee itself.

The Manual is conceived in three parts:

  1. The 39th Session
  2. Organising a Committee session
  3. Evaluating a Committee session.

This structure supports organisers – be it in the host country or at the World Heritage Centre – to easily
and quickly find relevant information on specific aspects of the organisational process.

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