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Town Hall and Roland on the Marketplace of Bremen


The conference venue of the 39th session is a historic, unique location and today listed as protected monument: From 1992 to 1999, the WCCB building served as the plenary chamber of the German Bundestag where the representatives met until Berlin became the new federal capital.

Today, WCCB provides a modern venue offering a complete service for all types of events, including conferences, congress meetings, trade shows, product exhibitions, company galas etc.

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Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany’s international broadcaster and produces and provides media services throughout the world with TV, radio and online content. The DW Akademie is Germany's leading organisation for international media development, supporting the development of free and transparent media, quality journalism as well as offering programmes to boost media skills.

Deutsche Welle was the official media partner of the 39th session. At the session, you could enjoy DW’s multimedia project „Wonders of World Heritage“, along with the specifically produced film trailer.

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The City of Bonn is home to six federal ministries and a number of national authorities. It is the also second official residency of the President and the Chancellor of Germany. Apart from that, the city has become a centre of international cooperation and Germany’s United Nations city hosting numerous international conferences.

The City of Bonn cooperated with the organisers in terms of the session’s public relations work, public transportation and cultural programme. The City offered daily guided tours for the participants during the 39th session! Their staff was at the participants' disposal providing touristic advice at Bonn Information Desk.

Find out more on this website and the website of the City of Bonn

Bonn Tourismus und Congress GmbH (T&C) was founded in 1996 with the mission to strengthen tourism in Bonn and the region. It provides tourist services and support for conferences, congresses and events as well as agency and booking services.

T&C supported the 39th session as central accommodation service, and also as point of contact for all participants in regard to external meeting room bookings, local transport as well as for touristic advice.

Both the City of Bonn and T & C contributed to make your stay in Bonn as pleasant as possible. Their staff was ready to assist all participants at the Bonn Information Desk.

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The event agency lab concepts – with its branches in Bonn and Berlin – specialises in the design and realisation of events in the fields of education, culture, politics, economy and society.

Moreover, lab concept has many years of experience in sustainable event management.
lab concepts supported the organisers in the logistical planning and implementation of the session.

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The communications agency better nau was founded in 2015 by Katja Bettermann and Julia Naumann. better nau offers strategic consultancy in media and public relations work as well as media training.

better nau supported the 39th session’s public relations and press work. Katja Bettermann and Julia Naumann also served as contact point for press and media representatives during the session.

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