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Frontiers of the Roman Empire


Protecting the planet means protecting the World’s Cultural and Natural Heritage!

For this reason, the organisers have envisaged a sustainable approach to prepare and implement the 39th session.

Some examples:

Reduced Paper Use: By using the electronic files of the session’s documents, as well as the digital publication service, a substantial amount of paper could be saved during the 39th session!

Transfer: By using public transport in Bonn, all participants could contribute to reduce the ecological footprint of the session.

Catering: Whenever possible, regional, seasonal or organic products were used to prepare the session’s catering. There was a daily offer of vegetarian meal options.

Drinking Water:  Using the drinking bottles from the conference kit, the participants could enjoy the excellent tap water in Bonn – they could refill the bottle at any tap or the water coolers in the conference centre. This measure helped to reduce emissions and waste along with the participants' expenditures.

Upcycling: Wherever possible, the banners of the 39th session were donated to a company for upcycling purposes after the session.

Thank you for contributing to a sustainable 39th session!