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Heritage Heroes – ‘Making of the Exhibition’: #1

A Cologne based artist collective is currently designing the exhibition “Heritage Heros”. The exhibition portrays people around the world who show an extraordinary personal effort and commitment for the protection of World Heritage sites. Today – as first part of a ‘Making of’ series in the weeks to come – the artist and curating team behind "Heritage Heroes" wishes to introduce itself:


“As a group of Cologne based curators, designers, journalists and artists we are preparing for a journey to meet, interview and photograph Heritage Heroes – personalities who commit themselves to the protection of World Heritage Sites around the world. The results will be shown in a photography exhibition during the 39th Session of the World Heritage Committee in Bonn. “

Project Management, Exhibition Design and Research: Tatjana Krischik (Designer) and Maria Wildeis (Curator)

Research: Djonam Saltani (Artist) and Ruth Wolters (Journalist)

Photography: Bozica Babic, Robert Cusack, Albrecht Fuchs, Astrid Piethan, Michael Schaab