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Centres historiques de Stralsund et Wismar

Dimanche, 5 juillet 2015

Événements associés au WCCB

World Heritage and Aerospace History
Commission allemande pour l'UNESCO et Centre allemand pour l'aéronautique et l'aérospatiale (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt – DLR)
The German Commission for UNESCO, the German Aerospace Centre and UNESCO organise a Side Event on “World Heritage and Aerospace History”.  So far, there are no sites representative of the history of aviation and/or astronautics on the World Heritage list, but there have been several preliminary discussions and first ideas. Sites of aerospace history symbolize new dimensions for humanity, in understanding the globe as a joint home of humanity, in technological aspiration, in overcoming traditional limitations of mankind, and in intercultural dialogue. Its innovations have been made in a transnational process and involve leaving the Earth’s surface. But there are also serious challenges. The side event will present an overview of the current debates.
Petite Salle, 13:00 à 15:00 heures

Comparative analysis of World Heritage Nominations under Biodiversity Criteria and New Tools for Better Monitoring of Natural World Heritage Sites
Espace des organismes consultatifs (Kaminzimmer), 13:20 à 14:00 heures

Launch of TABE'A II Report: Enhancing Regional Capacities for World Heritage (en arabe)
Espace des organismes consultatifs (Kaminzimmer), 14:10 à 14:50 heures

Cultural and Natural Heritage of Jamaica and Caribbean Small Island Development States
Ministère de la jeunesse et de la culture, Jamaïque
Rheinlobby, 19:00 à 21:00 heures