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Young Experts 2015 Launch Online Platform

This is what true commitment looks like: Three months after the 39th session, the participants of the Young Experts Forum 2015 initiated “Young Heritage Experts”.

The online platform aims to serve as a think tank and an international networking platform for young professionals, activists, and researches in the field of cultural and natural heritage.

The platform is the result of the intense and interactive working process the young experts engaged in during the Young Experts Forum 2015. Brought together in the Forum, the group of 32 young experts representing 31 countries spent 12 intense days together, exchanging their experiences and ideas regarding the theme of the forum “Towards a Sustainable Management of World Heritage Sites”.

The activities culminated in the formulation of a Declaration, which the Young Experts presented to the World Heritage Committee on 28th June 2015. “Young Heritage Experts” is an initiative rooted in the Declaration where the participants state: “We feel it is time to create new structures amongst young experts to share valuable knowledge and experiences gained from youth-led initiatives, and to link this community with that of heritage professionals."

The platform not only disseminates best practices and lessons learnt from various heritage projects and endeavours. It also includes conference and workshop announcements related to World Heritage as well as a list of opportunities for volunteer work.

In the future, the founders of “Young Heritage Experts” hope to start projects such as an online journal, newsletter, and youth-led heritage protection and conservation initiatives.

Find out more on the  Young Heritage Experts' Website.


The Young Experts Forum 2015 was part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Education Programme. It was organised by the German Commission for UNESCO and the State of Rhineland-Palatinate in cooperation with European Heritage Volunteers and was financed by the Federal Foreign Office.