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Heritage Heroes – ‘Making of the exhibition’: #2

Another update from the artist collective, who is currently designing the exhibition "Heritage Heroes": The two teams are currently on their way to Tanzania and Tasmania to interview people, whose extraordinary personal efforts help to protect natural and cultural heritage worldwide!


“First team on the road! Our destination: rainy season in Tanzania. But today the sun came out. Hopefully the bus strike is over tomorrow and we can head towards the first heritage site on our list: Kilwa Kisiwani!”

“Second team: On its way to Tasmania. Stopover in Dubai, waiting for a 13-hour flight to Melbourne and later transfer to Hobart. On Friday we´ll go by 4WD into the Tasmanian Wilderness and continue by foot to reach the Styx Valley.”

The Cologne based artist collective consisting of Tatjana Krischik (Designer), Maria Wildeis (Curator), Djonam Saltani (Artist), Ruth Wolters (Journalist) as well as Bozica Babic, Robert Cusack, Albrecht Fuchs, Astrid Piethan, Michael Schaab (Photographers) is currently designing the exhibition “Heritage Heros”.  The exhibition will be presented at the 39 session and portrays people around the world who show an extraordinary personal effort and commitment for the protection of World Heritage sites. The team is sending regular updates from their trip around the globe as a ‘Making of’ series of the exhibition.